A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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 Rules Overview

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Rules Overview Empty
PostSubject: Rules Overview   Rules Overview EmptyThu Jul 16, 2015 7:40 pm

Here are the most basic and general rules of the site, without going into the specifics of the rpg, as there are separate sections for those. The majority of these rules, you will find, are universal across many forum sites, as well as courtesy and basic common sense. 
These are not ordered from most important to least, and all the following rules should be considered equal in importance. 
Breaking of these rules will result in a warning from a moderator, and continuing will result in following consequences, eventually resulting permanent ban.

1. Be courteous and kind. There is absolutely no reason to be mean, rude, or unkind to the other players for any reason. While characters may hold grudges against other characters, this should not influence your interaction out of character. 

2. The staff are here to help make the site more enjoyable, and enforcing the rules of the site are how they do so. Without rules, the game would be non-existent, so you are expected listen to the moderators and admins of the site when regarding the rules.

3. Posting or linking adult or otherwise inappropriate content anywhere on the site is forbidden, as it is against forumotion's terms and conditions, as well as illegal seeing this is not strictly an adult forum and is open to peoples of all ages.
This means that everything on this site must be limited to PG-13 or under.

4. Godmoding (control another person's character) is not acceptable, for even small actions, as it is very rude and prevents the characters creator from controlling their character, which is partially the reason behind everyone creating individual characters. This counts towards npcs as well, as the majority of npcs are controlled by moderators or administrators, and count as being their characters.

5. Metagaming is not allowed. This is where you use outside knowledge of the in-game world that your character does not have, to your advantage. 

6. Posting out of order is rude and against the rules. If you enter a topic, and post a reply after another person, you must wait for that person, and any others in the topic to reply in their respective order before you are allowed to post again. This can by bypassed with the 48 hour rule. 

7. While in a topic, if a person takes longer than 48 hours to reply when it is their turn, you may simply skip their turn in the posting process. 

8. Become familiar with the acronyms IC (in character) and OOC (out of character), as they may be frequent, and are generally universal with role playing. IC is referring to an action or such that is done in character, done by the characters. OOC is referring to out of character, and applies to the actual player rather than their character. 

9. When in a topic with characters and not a player discussion, leave out of character comments in parenthesis, in order to tell it apart from the in character actions (like this). This is not critical, but is expected to be followed, as it avoids confusion. 

10. Pay attention to topic titles or descriptions. The acronyms P and IO can be used to stand for private and invite only (they can be spelled out as well), meaning that, unless the creator of that topic gives you specific permission, you may not enter that topic. Likewise, the term "open" can be attached to the title or description, specifying that the author wants others to join without permission. However, any topic may be entered even without "open" attached, unless it has one of the previously mentioned attachments. 

11. Do your best to not swear or use explicit content excessively unless it is specifically part of your character. Doing such can be insulting to some, and completely impolite.

12. Please try to respond with more than 50 words per post when replying to an IC topic. Anything less can be bland and take away the fun of the game, as this game is based entirely around writing and descriptions. 

13. IC player gear or equipment of any sort (weapons, armor, etc) cannot be traded OOC under any circumstance.

14. Make sure to exit a topic once you are done in it. This can be done by simply including a "(exit)" at the very end of your final post for that topic. This exit can be interrupted by others who are in the topic or exit the topic, thus stopping you from leaving that topic. However, if your exit remains un-interrupted for 48 hours, then you cannot be interrupted. 

15. Upon entering a topic it is helpful (though will not be strictly enforced) to place "(enter)" before your first post in that topic to signal that your character has entered the scene.

16. Please do not spam or advertise on this forum, as doing so does not relate to the forum in any way what so ever.

17. As this website was created in the US, the US measurement system is the one used in describing the rules of the game. However, the metric system, and others, may be freely used on this site as well, as there are many calculators to easily switch between the two.

18. Please do not enter a topic unless you intend to interact with the people already in it. Entering a topic and then doing completely your own thing is pointless as you could simply make your own, and also rude to the others already in the topic.
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Rules Overview
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