A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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PostSubject: Attributes   Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:33 pm

Attributes are what make up your character. While every class has a preset of attributes that you must take when you first create your character, you may add attribute points to whichever you choose, so long as you have been approved in gaining them.
The seven attributes are as follow:

Strength: This is the attribute that determines your character's carrying capacity, the speed at which you can run, and strength based damage.
-Carrying capacity rules described below
-For the speed at which you can run, the average is 22 feet per second (f/s), meaning that if you have a 60 in your strength attribute, you can sprint at 22 f/s. If you have less than 60 in your strength attribute, you may sprint at a speed of 18 f/s. Upon reaching 100 in your strength attribute, you may sprint at a speed of 24 f/s. Next, upon reaching 300 in your strength attribute, you may sprint at a speed of 26 f/s. Next, upon reaching 500 in your strength attribute, you may sprint at a speed of 28 f/s. Finally, if the strength attribute is maxed out at 600, you can run at 30 f/s. While some of these increments may seem small, these are per second, and each foot can change the battle. One should also be aware that the current world record fr sprinting is around 28 feet per second.

Dexterity: This is the attribute that determines your ability to dodge attacks and be nimble, your accuracy with ranged weapons (bows, throwing knives), and dexterity based damage.
-Dodging, for the most part, is for ranged attacks, as dodging a melee attack will be very difficult at human speeds. For such, divide your dexterity by 3, and the result being the maximum speed in feet per second that you can dodge; the average long bow having a rough speed of just below 200, of course decreasing with distance. Which, for example, a maximum (600) dexterity, would allow you to dodge an arrow shot from mere feet away. 

Health: This is the attribute that determines how much health your character has, and how many hits they can take. Every point added in the health attribute boosts your character's hit points by 10. 
-Hit points rules described blow

Memory: This is the attribute that determines the maximum number of skills, spells, and runes that your character can learn at a time. Every 2 points in memory increases your memory slots by 1. 
-Take notice; many skills, spells, or runes may require multiple memory slots.
-You cannot fill more than your maximum amount of memory slots.
-Once all the memory slots are full, a skill(etc) must then be forgotten if you wish to open up slots to make room for another skill(etc).

Patience: This is the attribute that is used to learn skills, spells, and runes. Every skill(etc), will have a patience level listed, which determines the minimum patience you must have to learn that certain skill(etc). 

Endurance: This is the attribute that determines your action points. Every skill, spell, and rune will require a certain amount of action points to be used in combat, or out. Once used, these action points will not replenish normally for the duration of that topic. However, the use of action points does not carry over, and are only diminished in that certain topic, staying at maximum until used in all other threads. Every point in endurance gives 10 action points.

Craft: This is the attribute that determines your crafting ability. Every weapon and piece of armor will have a craft level listed, which determines the minimum craft level you must have to craft that certain weapon or piece of armor. If you have the amount of craft needed, the weapon/armor will state how much word count is then needed to make it. Some weapons cannot be bought at all, and only made, in which case, craft is the only way to make those weapons.

The rules for these attributes are as the following:

1. For a reference to help with attributes, if someone were completely average in every which way, they would have a 60 in every attribute. Many of the starting attributes are below 60, as well as the averages, however, this is due to scaling and leveling reasons.

2. To gain attributes, you must write. Every 50 words written IC as part of an IC topic count towards 1 attribute point. Upon exiting a topic, you are entitled to every 50 words you have written, and may put after your exit post a request, requesting attributes correlating to every 50 words you have written throughout the entire topic. As it also takes IC word count to gain skills, spells, and runes, requesting attribute levels does not take away from these.      Example: you have a total of 2,000 words in a topic, and upon exiting, you may request to put those 2k words towards learning a skill(etc) as well as request to gain your 40 attribute points. All of these requests must be approved by a moderator/admin before being added to your character. 
Please note: Upon reaching 900 total attributes, the word count is doubled to gain an attribute level. Therefore, if you reach 900 total attribute level, it then takes 100 words to gain an attribute level rather than just 50. 

NOTE: All attributes, except for patience and memory, can only be gained in a topic where your character has done training or been in combat fighting. The reason for this is that, it makes no logical sense for your character to somehow gain strength from a topic where all they have done is talking. As mentioned, patience and memory can be gained in any topic, however, unless you want to max them out, be careful in the topics that you request them in, as you will find they will gain levels much faster than your other attributes. 

3. You may level up and assign your attribute points that have been approved while in other topics, however, make note of your current attributes (before leveling) in the topics that you are still participating in, so that the others have a reference, and your character does not spontaneously get stronger in the middle of a topic. However, your leveled attributes then apply to any topic you enter after the leveling. 

4. The maximum total attribute levels/points that you may have is 1,800 ,  and no single attribute may exceed 600. 

5. Take care that your health does not drop to 0, otherwise your character will fall unconscious and face imminent death, unless enough damage is done to drop your health down to 0 and then 100 blow that, in which case your character will die immediately.

6. If your character falls to 0 to -99 health, they will have 2 of their post turns to remain alive but unconscious, in which time they may be revived or healed. However, if no healing action is completed by the time the topic comes to that character's 3rd post of being unconscious, they will die.

7. For how strength and dexterity apply to weapon damage, read rules on weapons here.

8. Carrying capacity will largely be correlated with armor. Some armors will have a minimum strength required to wear it and actually be able to move, and others will have minimum strength required to sprint while wearing that armor. For more on carrying capacity, read rules on armor here.
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