A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:01 pm

These are rules and information that applies to the entire site. These are not specific rules explaining the mechanics of the game, but rules that need to be followed none-the-less.

This site is intended for all audiences. That being said, it is also complex, dense, and involves intense writing; it is unlikely anyone under the age of 13 would take interest. This is also a game about the medieval world; there will be war, and there will be violence.
Due to this, it is expected that some of your descriptions may be gruesome, or include vulgar vocabulary. It is suggested that this not overdone. Excessive violence is usually pointless, and on this site, inappropriate.
Romance may occur between characters; it is human, and therefore part of role-play. However, this site is not intended for erotic role-play, and it will not be tolerated. Reading your sexual fantasies is boring, irrelevant, and often distasteful, not to mention not permitted by Forumotion itself, the website which hosts this site. Please keep your romance at a level accepted by all ages.
Harassment is not allowed, either in the game, or out. If you are reported for harassment, with adequate evidence, you will be banned. If you report someone falsely for whatever reason, that is petty, and unjust.
It should also go without saying that posting any content containing graphic images or videos (gore or adult material) will result in an instant and permanent ban. It is prohibited by Forumotion, and the game as well.
Every topic is expected to follow an order of posting. This means that if someone posts within a topic, and then someone else joins, each person must wait for the other to reply, before replying themselves. This is to avoid someone making multiple combat posts, and killing another before they can react.
For example: Player A and player B are in a topic. The order is A, then B. However, after A posts, player C then joins the topic, and posts. Now the order is A, C, B, not A, B, C. This is because player C joined in between the other two, and therefore takes their turn after A, but before B.
Every topic (with the exception of ones which require administrator or moderator attention) has a “48” hour rule. This means that after 48 hours, if the person who’s turn it is has not posted, their turn is skipped.
To refer back the previous example, if it is player C’s turn, and 48 hours have passed since it became their turn (after player A posted), then their turn is skipped, and it becomes player B’s turn. This may happen more than once, if enough time is passed. Players may also skip someone if they have expressed consent from that player that they may be skipped.
Some posts may include Out Of Character sections of text (OOC). To make a distinction between what is OOC, and what is In Character (IC), players are suggested to put OOC text within parenthesis (like this), so that others may know.
Once a topic has ended, the players make a post stating that they are “exiting” the topic. This can look like the following: (Exit). As simple as that. Once a player has posted an exit, they have 48 hours in which that exit can be interrupted. Once 48 hours have passed, that character is out of the topic forever. You cannot return to a topic you have exited.
Every change that occurs within a topic is added at the end of the topic, and is included with your exit post. This means that if, during the topic, you gain attributes, you cannot add the attributes to your character during the topic. Instead, when you exit the topic, you are expected to make a “claim”. Ex:
(Exit, claiming 23 attribute points).
You cannot add these attribute points until your exit post has been “approved” by an administrator or moderator. Once it has been approved, you may add the claim to your character sheet. This applies to any change: a new weapon, learning a spell, gaining followers, ect.

Before starting the game, you are also expected to create a “character creation”, and “character sheet” in their respective areas. You should have received information about this in a message welcoming you to the site.
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General Rules
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