A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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 Attribute Rules

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PostSubject: Attribute Rules   Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:00 pm

The following are the rules for character attributes. Your attributes show how strong your character is, not just physically, but mentally, as well as how fast, smart, and tough your character is. In total, there are six attributes: agility, endurance, memory, precision, resilience, and strength. Each one is explained in detail below.

Each attribute has a certain starting value, based on what occupation you chose. Your attributes cannot be lowered, unless by a spell. To gain an attribute point, you need to write. For every 50 words that are written, you will gain an attribute point. The maximum amount of attribute points you can have at any time is 2,000 (if this is achieved, you will have written the equivalent of an average full-length novel in word count).
Note that you cannot gain strength by your character simply talking, as that does not make sense. For your character to gain attributes, they must, at some point in the topic, involve a training for that attribute. For strength, agility, endurance, and resilience, these will likely involve a physical training. However, memory and precision can be increased without physically training. Memory can be increased in an action as simple as talking or thinking, while precision can be trained both through physical training, but also through actions such as writing, crafting, or similar, as they require precision to perform. In short, if your character’s actions involve an attribute, you can gain points for that attribute.
Once an attribute point(s) is gained, it can be used at the end of a topic, by placing it into one of the six attributes. However; each individual attribute may never surpass 650 points.
Agility is one’s speed. For every 15 points put into agility, you gain a +1 on the “Block” die, and every 25 points gives you a +1 on the the “Dodge” die. For every 20 points put into agility, your sprinting speed will increase by 1ft/s (.31meter/s) (all start at 20ft/s(6 meter/s)). For every 150 points put into agility, you will gain +1 action per turn in combat (all start at 2). Certain weapons will also have a minimum agility requirement, and some weapons will also gain damage depending on how much agility you have.
Endurance is critical for combat. For every point put into endurance, you will gain 20 stamina points. Stamina points are used when almost any action is taken, especially in combat; every swing of the sword, every spell that is cast, every distance that is run. The only thing in combat which will not use stamina points are runes. If your character runs out of stamina, they will fall unconscious.
Your character will use memory both in and out of combat. For every point put into memory, your character will gain 3 memory “slots”. These memory slots will be how your character learns spells, or combat techniques, or how to create tools and weapons, as well as memorizing runes. Everything which requires your character to remember will take up a memory slot.
You may forget something that takes up a memory slot, such as forgetting a spell. Doing this frees up memory slots, but you are also then unable to use the spell, and must re-learn it before using it again.
Precision is not only necessary for your accuracy with weapons, but also with your ability to create, and recreate. For every 15 points put into precision, you will gain +1 on the “Attack” dice. Certain spells will have a minimum precision requirement, and every rune, along with every crafting item will have a minimum precision requirement.
Resilience are your character’s hit points; their résistance to damage. For every point put into resilience, your character gains 50 hit points. If your character runs out of hit points, they will fall unconscious. Your character can still be injured when unconscious, and if they have less than negative 1/4th of their max hit points, they will die.

Strength determines your character’s raw muscle power. Every point put into strength increases your character’s carrying capacity by 1.25lbs (starting at 50), and weapon and item will also have a minimum strength requirement. Almost every weapon will do more damage the more strength your character has. Your strength will also determine how weighed down by armor your character is.
Also be sure to include your character's weight in your description, as it will be used.
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Attribute Rules
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