A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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 Classes, Skills, and Spells

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PostSubject: Classes, Skills, and Spells   Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:37 pm

The following are and explanation and rules of the three categories, along with the classes that fall under them, and the skills and spells for those classes.
Every one of the three categories has a preset of attribute, however, you are not required to level any certain attributes when you gain them. More on such can be read in rules on attributes here.
Take note: Many of the classes in this game are unique, and though some share names with classes from other rpgs, the ideas behind these classes have been twisted to be original.

The Fighter: 
Starting Attributes:
-Strength: 24
-Dexterity: 20
-Health: 24
-Memory: 15
-Patience: 15
-Endurance: 25
-Craft: 17

The Fighter category is one of, well, fighters. This category includes classes such as the knight and warrior, as it is largely based around physical combat and strength. Rather than being spell casters, the knight's available skills can enable it to become anything from a tank of a person, clad in full armor and able to take the hardest of hits, to an agile and fast master of weapons, dodging the fastest of arrows with ease.  

The Scholar:
Starting Attributes:
-Strength: 14
-Dexterity: 18
-Health: 18
-Memory: 26
-Patience: 24
-Endurance: 18
-Craft: 22

The Scholar category is one of those who are in constant search of more. This category includes classes such as the sorcerer and the explorer, as it is based around acquiring to grow stronger, though what is in search of being acquired can range from knowledge to wealth. The largest variety of spells can be found in this categories classes, however, so too can be found the greatest feats of stealth and observation.

The Zealot:
Starting Attributes:
-Strength: 16
-Dexterity: 16
-Health: 20
-Memory: 20
-Patience: 28
-Endurance: 17
-Craft: 23

The Zealot category is one of those who find their passion, whatever it may be, and take a grasp on it more so than any other. This category includes classes such as the bard and the priest, as it is based around becoming devoted to one field of study and completely mastering to its full extent. It is in this category that those who walk with animals may be found, as well as those who have the power to become such beats themselves, as well as those who have gained powers from unseen forces to which they have dedicated themselves. 

Rules on Classes:

1. Only characters of a class may use the skills and spells of that class, and only characters of a class may use skills and spells of the category they fall under, not another category or class. Every category has an "of the --" section that includes spells and skills that all classes of that category can use. 

2. It is possible to learn another class, but not more than a second. To learn a second class, it requires 2,000 words of training for a class that falls under your same category, and 4,000 words words of training to learn a class that is not part of your same category. These numbers can be reduced by half if you are trained another who is already part of that class. 

3. Every skill and spell has a required word count to learn, and will differ greatly depending on its effects. However, once learned and the respective memory slots have been dedicated to the certain skill or spell, the skill does not need to be learned again, unless it is forgotten. 

4. Because your character is limited to a certain amounts of memory slots, it is possible to forget a skill or spell in order to make room for a new one. However, once forgotten, that skill or spell will require its word count to be learned again. 

5. There are different classifications for spells which are important to take note of. Harmonious spells are spells that will take a toll on the caster, usually do to their high power. These generally exert a physical pain on the caster of the spell, and can deal damage to the characters hit points. 
Collective spells are spells that either require multiple casters to produce, or can gain the spell power by having multiple casters. The spell will specify how many casters are required to uniformly preform the spell for it to be cast properly, or how much stronger the spell gets with each caster who preforms the spell with the others. For these collective spells, all the casters must know the spell, and cast it at the same time, within a few feet of each other, and have the same purpose for the spell(two enemies cannot preform the collective spell with the intent of harming the other).
Both harmonious and collective apply to runes as well, however, not to skills.
Note: Harmonious spells deal full damage regardless of armor, and their damage cannot be reduced.

6. Spells and skills do not have a cool-down or limited use other than your own endurance, unless stated otherwise in the description of it, which is possible.

7. Every character starts with one skill or spell, depending on which category they choose to start in. These starting skills and spells can be found in the "of the--" place, along with the starting attributes.
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Classes, Skills, and Spells
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