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 Kingdom and Follower Rules

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PostSubject: Kingdom and Follower Rules   Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:45 pm

This section only applies to you if you are a ruler, or looking to gain a following.

Kings & Queens:
At the start of the game, every continent (except for uninhabitable Midergern) has an NPC ruler(s). Each will also have armies, and vast resources at their disposal. If you wish to become the ruler of a land, your choices are to either overthrow them, or convince them to make you their successor. Once this has happened, the game is very different for you.
Every ruler will have a base income per week based upon which land they are ruling: West=10,000 , South West=20,000 , South East = 5,000, East = 10,000, North East = 5,000 , North = 5,000.
Note that at the start of the game, the North is a territory of the West. If you gain a continent as a territory, you also gain its income.
This income will seem tremendous, and some may be tempted to spend it on themselves, and buy the most expensive equipment available, but make sure to note that every kingdom also has weekly wages, or upkeep. If at any time, you cannot afford this upkeep, you will lose parts of the kingdom until you can afford it.
This income can also be increased by purchasing some upgrades for the kingdom, such as taverns, farmlands, etc. The income will also increase based upon how many players have occupations within the land.
This money is also intended to buy these upgrades for kingdoms, as they will all be immensely expensive. Each upgrade will state what it does for the kingdom; some may add soldiers, others may add commerce, and some may add surveillance of the kingdom. Each of these can be found within the kingdom section of the shop, but note that some are selective to certain kingdoms.
It is also the rulers duty to keep their kingdom sheet updated. This can be found in the same area as the character sheets.
As a ruler, you may also decide when to mark players as rogue. When a player is marked as rogue, a bounty is placed on them, either to be imprisoned, or outright killed. This cannot be done without reason.
As a ruler, you decide when to go to war, and when to make peace. Wars are fought with players, but also with kingdom upgrades. Some upgrades may be solely defensive, but others can be used for offense.
Every kingdom upgrade (even farms) will have an offense value, and a defense value. These values represent how good the upgrade is at attacking, and defending.
For war, the War Battle Attack die, and War Battle Defend die will be used. The attack die has 200 sides, and the defend die has 220.
When there are multiple kingdom armies (upgrades) present, the ruler decides which of theirs will attack certain of the other kingdom armies. This goes both ways, and one kingdom army does not have to attack the same army that it is being attacked by. For example, if two rulers have two armies each (one melee, one ranged), ruler “A” can send their melee to attack the others ranged. Ruler “B” however, can make their ranged, who are being attacked, to attack ruler “A”’s ranged. Multiple armies can also attack the same target.
Once a ruler has decided what their armies are attacking, they roll a War Battle Attack die for each. A ruler will also have to roll a War Battle Defend die, for each time their armies are being attacked. Each attack roll will have the army’s “offense” value added to it, and each defend roll will have the army’s defense value added to it. The two results are compared, and if the attacker’s total is higher than the defender’s, the defender loses offense and defense values equal to the difference between their result and the attackers result.
For example: An attacker attacks with a group of swordsmen, and has a total roll of 145 (rolled 35, swordsmen have offense of 10). A defender is defending with peasants, and has a total of 120 (rolled 90, defense is 30). The difference between these two is 25. Therefore, the peasants’ offense and defense values both go down by 25.
However, if the attacker has a lower value, their army loses offense and defense points equal to half of the difference of the numbers.
Some armies will have more than 1 attack or defend die listed. This means that when using them, you roll the die as many times as it states on their sheet, and add the values together.
All damage is dealt at the same time.
If at any time an army has no more offense points, they cannot attack, and only defend. If at any time an army has no more defense points, they have all been destroyed.
Also, be aware; every kingdom upgrade will have an attack range, and maximum move speed per turn. An army cannot attack another army if they are out of range. This means that an archer group may be able to attack a group of spearmen, and the spearmen cannot attack back, as they are too far away.
Not all kingdom upgrades have to be destroyed in order to overthrow a ruler, only those that you choose to attack, or what the ruler chooses to attack you with.
War does not have to only involve kingdom upgrades. Players can take part too, and regardless of their fame, are referred to in this section as heroes. The general of an army, of the ruler of a land will be the one to decide which troops go to war, and which do not. In some cases, this may include a player (ex: player has occupation of Western soldier). However, in other cases, a player may decide which army troop to join in a battle. While a player is just one person, and cannot single handedly sway a battle, if they are strong enough, they may be able to reduce casualties.
Players have two options in war: join an army troop (some may be forced to do this), or become a strike force of sorts, and act alone or with a group of players. If they choose to act outside of an army, combat is done as usual.
If a player decides to join an army, their stats are converted into offense and defense points, and then this value is added to the army they have joined. To convert attributes, add your resilience and agility together, and then divide by 10. This is your defense value. Add your strength and precision together, and divide by 10; this is your offense value.
Therefore, if a player of 70 agility, 130 resilience, 50 strength, and 50 precision was to join an army of farmers, who have a total of 40 offense and 60 defense, the player would add 20 to their defense, and 10 to their offense, changing the totals to 50 offense, and 80 defense. Warfare combat is then continued as normal.
Be warned!: If an army troop is completely killed, and a player was in that army troop, that player is also dead.
If you are not a ruler, it is possible for you to gain followers. These are similar to kingdom upgrades, but usually not on such a large scale. Gaining followers can be done through quests, fame, and/or reputation.
If a follower group is small enough, they will have regular stats, just as a player character does, but they will also have offense and defense points, just like kingdom upgrades. When to use one or the other is at your discretion; however, if you have enough followers that it is possible to manage combat for them all, less is left up to chance, and you have a better advantage. However, there will come a point where if you gain enough followers, it will become too hard to keep track of each during combat. Once this occurs, you are advised to use the Warfare system of combat.
Once you gain a follower, they are yours to control as you see fit, within a reasonable amount. Each follower will have certain personalities with them, and you cannot break these to do what you want. For example; a chivalrous knight will not slaughter innocents, simply because you want him to.
Followers cannot level up, but some may be upgraded. If a follower may be upgraded, it will have a link on its page which shows what it can become, and what it takes to upgrade them. Generally, upgrades are done through equipment upgrades.

There is one exception to leveling up followers; heroes. This term is applied to player characters; however, it is also possible to gain a hero NPC (non-player character). For the most part, hero followers can only be obtained through specific quests.
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Kingdom and Follower Rules
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