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 A Smile Goes a Long Way

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PostSubject: A Smile Goes a Long Way   Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:18 am

As Krasare was walking into Lake Town, a man clad in full armor ran past Krasare as if he was going to die if he stayed here.

“Hail my good man. What are you running from?” He asked just to make sure that his armor wasn’t just for show.

The man was breathing heavily. He must have been running for a while.

“…Brute Squad…here… claiming… to be king… gotta… get out of here!” The man started running again away from Lake Town towards the pastures.

Krasare wondered what the Brute Squad was. If it was enough to scare a warrior in full plate armor then they must have an astounding reputation as a fighting group.

“Oh well. I can ask around town, but first I have to find the little girl.” Krasare said out loud just to make sure he didn’t forget.

Krasare came to the Strom Front District of Lake Town. It seemed to be bustling with people moving here, there, and everywhere. Maybe this is because of the Brute Squad Krasare thought. That’s for later however.

“Excuse me!” Krasare called to a woman who was walking by. “Do you know where the little girl who was missing lives?”

“Oh you must mean the Doctor’s daughter! She lives over there. Were you the one that found her?” said the woman.

“Yea I found her bear for her and came to return it.” Krasare said showing the bear to the woman.

“Thank you, the doctor was beside himself with worry!” the woman exclaimed.

At this the woman left. Krasare looked at the house she pointed to. It actually wasn’t much of a house. It looked more like a tiny shack. I hope the doctor doesn’t practice there Krasare thought as he walked over to the shack.

He knocked on the door. The door opened a crack and then burst open almost hitting Krasare as a small object jumped onto his leg. It was the little girl.

“Yay! You found Teddy!” She screamed as she clung to Krasare.

“Told you I would.” Krasare laughed.

Another Shape appeared in the doorway. It was a tall lanky man.

“Thank you for finding my daughter and even getting her bear back for her. When she told me that a man found her and then went to find her bear I was skeptical and thought the child was in denial over the bear.” The man seemed somewhat tired and ragged. Probably from worrying about his daughter Krasare thought.

“It was no trouble at all.” Krasare smiled, annoying he thought, but no trouble.

“By the way you’re the doctor of the village right? Has an injured man come by recently with a nearly severed hand?” Krasare asked thinking of the man that attacked him in the cave.

“Ummm… No at least I haven’t treated anyone like that recently.” said the doctor.

Probably was a bandit then Krasare thought. “Ok, thanks!” he said.

“Also, what’s with the new king or whatever?” Krasare asked.

“It appears that someone from the Brute Squad came into town just a few hours ago and then simply proclaimed he was king.” said the doctor.

“What is the Brute Squad then? I found some warrior running for his life from here exclaiming such a thing.” said Krasare.

“Unfortunately I only recognize the name and nothing else about the organization. Sorry.” the doctor said with a heavy sigh.

“No worries, I’ll just go ask this “king” then.” said Krasare as he turned towards the stronghold.

“The king left a little while ago actually.” proclaimed the doctor.

“Ah, Oh well guess I’ll ask when I get an opportunity then. Farewell then.” Krasare said with a smile and a wave.

“Safe travels sir and thank you again.” said the doctor.

“Bye and thanks for saving Teddy!” screamed the little girl as she waved with a big grin on her face.

This journey was worth it if for nothing else than making that little girl smile thought Krasare.

(OOC I will gain 13 attribute points and was I supposed to say if the word count is going towards spellsword? Also how do I regain health?)

"Being King is a prison, a gilded prison, but a prison none the less."

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The First Seer
The First Seer

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PostSubject: Re: A Smile Goes a Long Way   Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:31 am

Approved. And no, you have started as the spell sword class, and therefore already have it, and don't have to put words towards the class, but can instead put words towards learning spells of that class.

At the end of every topic, you always have the option to level up, however, on top of leveling up, you may also choose to put your word count towards something, such as learning a spell or rune. This does not take away from the amount of levels you can gain.

Also, you always enter a topic fully rejuvenated in every way (health, action points, etc(but not runes)), and any damage you have taken never carries over from one topic to another, but only occurs within that topic. 
If that makes sense. If it doesn't, I'll help however I can.
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A Smile Goes a Long Way
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