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 The Lore of Magic

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PostSubject: The Lore of Magic   Wed May 31, 2017 9:20 pm

"Magic is an extension of yourself... for some, this extension is for the physical body... for others, this extension is of the mind... then, there are those who experience the extension in their emotions." 
- Penter; Polaris Rising

Every living being has magic within them, and the power to use it, the difference lies in those who know how to use it, and those that don't. Magic is often seen as an extension of the self, and in most cases, this comes out as an exceptional skill or talent. Some farmers have crops that grow very quickly, some hunters can creep through the forest with great ease, or some blacksmiths can withstand the heat of a forge better than those who have been working for years. Some dogs have teeth that are always razor sharp, and some deer seem to be unable to catch. Whatever it may be, every living being has magic, and they use it every day.

However, whether by chance, or practice, some of these beings use magic in forms that are more powerful than others. Some farmers can focus on a plant so intensely that they make it grow incredibly quickly. Some hunters never miss a shot, even when the target is almost out of eyesight. Some blacksmiths find that they don't need tongs to hold the red-hot iron, and their hand will not be burned.

There are cases where this goes even further. In the North, it was once tradition to worship magic, and encourage it. There were people who create a flame in their hand, or cause water to freeze simply by touching it. Of course, like everything that seems strange and out of the usual, there was a backlash. For a long period of time, the West, and many parts of the South viewed magic as witchcraft, and a truly evil thing. The users were tortured, and killed to stop their ways. Gradually, these ideas went, and as they did, magic began to come to life once more.

It eventually became known that magic was an extension of the self, and in the North, it is believed that there are three main types of magic. They classify it into: The Fighter, The Scholar, and The Zealot. These names were chosen because of the most common types of magic that were seen. 

The Fighter represents the body, and the magic that comes from it. More often than not, one who focuses on the body is not only strong through muscle, but even more so than the muscle allows. Their skin seems to be more durable than possible, and their endurance is incredible. The Fighter is also named because many war-time magic seems to come from those whose magic is an extension of their body. In some cases, Fighters are able to deflect attacks without ever coming into contact with them. Sometimes it is claimed a light intervenes, and stops a blow that the Fighter was not even focused on. Of course, they were, for they were the ones who created the light.

The Scholar represents the mind, and the magic of knowledge and thought. This magic is usually more visual than the Fighter. This magic is for those who believe magic is something that must be learned, rather than felt or trained. They treasure memorization and recreation, and through such, their mind is the source of their power. Some Scholars have been seen casting a bolt of color from their hand, which explodes upon impact. Others have recited lines upon lines of what they believe to be magic-creating text, and from there have been able to see for miles clearly. Sometimes the Rangers are associated with The Scholar, as they treasure their knowledge of the Western forest, but it is clear they use magic when they traverse the woods, for they leave no footprints behind, and can trace any animal, and never once miss a shot from their bow.

The Zealot represents the heart, named because of their strong emotions. This magic can be confused with the Scholar, as it is more visual than the Fighter, and it is known that emotions come from the mind. Regardless of this, however, it is insisted that they are different. This magic is very difficult to associate with each other, because just like emotions, it can take so many different forms. Some have been claimed to change their form, taking ths shape of an animal using this magic. Others have been seen healing wounds that would have killed someone in meer minutes, by producing a strange light from their hands. It is often rumored that powerful users of this magic can bring the dead back from to life.

Magic, unlike runes, can be found in all of the known lands, and as stated multiple times, everyone has the capability to use it. However, unlike runes, magic takes a toll on the body, and this becomes more aparent with the stronger magic that is used. It is even possible to lose conciousness from extreeme exertion of magic at times, and all are cautioned when they use it.
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The Lore of Magic
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