A unique RPG, with many different and new ideas based off of more traditional roleplaying games, such as D&D. Start your own adventure in a world where each person has magical abilities and talents, and a strange written language known as Runes are found.
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PostSubject: Runes   Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:32 pm

The following are the rules on runes.
Runes are a universal language of magic, not restricted to any class or category. Their place of origin are unknown, though it is speculated that they were first created in the North, on the far side of the River of Runes.  While seeming to simply be a tattoo, or body mark of sorts, these black markings on the skin hold strange power that is still not completely understood.

1. Runes, unlike skills or spells, do not have to be learnt to be used, but must be inscribed on the user. A rune may be inscribed on a body part that correlates with what kind of rune it is. Once inscribed, the rune will simply seem a runic marking, like a tattoo, upon the skin in that location. 

2. Anyone may inscribe a rune upon any other, including themselves. There are, however, two areas that a person may not inscribe runes upon themselves, these being the face/head. For these places, however, anyone else may inscribe runes for you. All runes have a word-count in order to inscribe them.  

3. While runes do not have to be learnt to be used, they do have to be learnt in order for you to inscribe them. Even if someone has inscribed a rune upon you, you do not instantly gain knowledge of it, but rather must go through the required word count to learn it. After being learnt, the player may then inscribe that rune on themselves or others, with the cost of the word count to inscribe, of course.

4. Unlike spells and skills, runes are a one time use, and after being used, they fade from the skin, and then must be inscribed again before being used again. 

5. The process of inscribing runes is lengthy and requires time. If not in combat, your character may do the inscription in a single post, as long as the required word-count is met. However, if in combat, any rune, other than back runes, take 3 posts of the inscriber to be correctly inscribed. These 3 posts do not have to be consecutive, and the inscriber may pause while inscribing to fight, however, the rune will not be functional until all 3 posts of specifically inscription, and no other action but inscription, have been completed. For back runes, the post requirement is boosted to 5. 

6. Runes, like spells, can be harmonious, or collective, and will be stated so in the topic describing them. They, also like spells and skills, take up memory slots when learned, as described in the rules on attributes here.
--Take extra care of where harmonious runes are inscribed, (ex:) as one on the under side of the arm, where many veins are located, can be fatal upon activation due to blood loss.

7. Despite the mentions of runes having been created in the North, residing or traveling there gives no bonus to runes, and does not allow faster gaining of them. 

8. Unlike some spells, runes have no scaling system. This means that a weak rune will remain weak, no matter your gain in attribute levels. It is intended that, in order to gain stronger runes, the weaker ones will be forgotten. 

9. Once a rune has been forgotten, that player can no longer inscribe it, unless they re-learn it. However, this does not hinder then from using it if another inscribes it upon them. 

10. Every rune must be placed in its correlating rune type, or else it will be useless. This means that finger runes cannot be inscribed on the back, despite there being plenty room. 

11. Each area of the body may only have a certain amount of runes that correlate with the area of the body. The following chart describes the limits:

-Finger Runes: 10 max (as humans have 10 fingers. If a finger is removed, then the max is lowered.)

-Hand Runes: 4 max (as humans have 2 hands, and both the top and palm can be used. If a hand is lost, then the max is lowered.)

-Arm Runes: 4 max, (2 arms, both top and bottom(underside), losing an arm lowers the max).

-Chest Runes: 1 max.

-Leg runes: 2 max (2 legs, only shins can be used.)

-Feet Runes: 2 max (2 feet, only tops can be used.)

-Face Runes: 1 max (something is very wrong if you don't have one face.)

-Back Runes: 1 max (back runes take up your whole back.)
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