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 A Forgotten Crown

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PostSubject: A Forgotten Crown   A Forgotten Crown EmptyTue May 05, 2015 7:49 pm

As Krasare was wandering the desert he came upon a city. The city had a huge gate. There seemed to be an iron portcullis(drop down grate) attached to it. What Krasare really noticed though was the amazing architecture around the walls.
"Amazing" Krasare said under his breath.
"The gate?" asked one of the guards who apparently heard Krasare. "If you think that's impressive then you should head to the Pantheon and see the other architecture there."
"I may have to do that." said Krasare. "Where is that?" he asked as he looked through the gate for any signs of this Pantheon.
"It's the big building over down past the market." The guard pointed in the general direction.
"OK. Thank you!" said Krasare as he wandered off towards the Pantheon.
Krasare came upon a huge open area. There were stalls everywhere. And the noise coming from the area were nothing like he had heard before. There was shouting about fine silks, jewels, food, and much more. Krasare looked over to the side and saw a man jump out of a window. Where he landed seemed to be a cart of some sort, but the man was uninjured and ran-off. Krasare heard a scream even louder than anything in the market "MY CABBAGES!" and saw another man run-off after the fool who jumped out the window.
The buildings in the area seemed to be made out of some kind of stone. There were doorways, but the only doors they seemed to have were just cloth.
There were so many people down in the market area. Krasare did see a lot of people before he actually entered the market, but being in the crowd is something else entirely. Krasare could here people shouting at him about buying their wares. Even if he wanted to the crowd wouldn't let him move anywhere easily, so onward he went towards the Pantheon.
Krasare finally managed to get out of the crowd. What he saw in front of him could only be described as an amazing work of engineering and architecture. The arches were almost as wide as they were tall and this building was at least three stories high. The pillars supporting the front arches were spiraled and depicted what must've been religious figures. Krasare didn't have any religion and never thought about it.
Krasare decided to walk in and see the rest of the Pantheon. When he got inside even more amazing sights were there. There was a massive fountain in the middle of the room. What was so amazing was where the water was coming from. Not a center spout as Krasare noticed, but from the pillars holding the balconies above him. The pillars bore a stone women with a tipped pot where the water was coming from.
After Krasare was done looking at the fountain he noticed an empty throne at the back of the large room with stairways on either side of it leading up to the balconies. The throne was empty, usually a ruler would be sitting in it at this time of day.
Krasare noticed a portrait above the throne. It was a beautiful painting of what must have been the royal family. There were only three figures in it. The King who had dark brown hair and was maybe half a foot taller than himself. The Queen was a beautiful maiden of light brown hair and was a foot shorter than her husband. Then there was a child. He was sitting next to his mother's leg and holding a ball. The boy had dark brown hair and blue eyes. He could only have been 5 or so. The family was standing underneath a single tree. It seemed the family was portrayed in a garden.
"Dorn!" Krasare heard a man shout. The man came running towards Krasare and grabbed his hand and shook it fiercely. The man seemed to be balding as the hair on the top of his head was missing and the sides remained. He was short in stature, about half a foot smaller than Krasare.
The man seemed to calm down a little bit, but was still excitedly talking to Krasare saying "Dorn where have you been all these years?! The entire castle had presumed you were dead! Oh there is so much to do! Quickly come with me!" The man yanked on Krasare's arm, but Krasare didn't move.
"Before we go anywhere, two things." Krasare said calmly. "One my name is Krasare and two, what are you going on about?"
The man looked flabbergasted at Krasare's remark. When he finally started to say something all that he could mutter was "Have you forgotten us?"
He went back and forth looking at the portrait of the royal family and Krasare.
Finally with a sigh Krasare said "What are you looking at? I did lose my memory some 7 years ago, but what of it?"
The man's face started to almost shine again with joy. Again with his excitement the man went on "That's when you were lost to us! May I see your back for a moment? There is a way to tell for sure to erase your doubts. There was a small crescent moon shaped scar on Dorn's back right below his left shoulder." Krasare had never seen his back so he wouldn't know. "Please allow me to see your back."
With a sigh he showed the man his bare back. The man dropped to his knees jaw open. "There it is..." he said in what was a hushed voice of surprise. 
"Is there a mirror in here so that I can see what you're so excited about?"
The only reply Krasare got from the man was having a mirror that came from his pocket handed to him. Krasare looked and sure enough there was a crescent shaped scar on his back.
"OK, so what does this mean?" said Krasare slightly annoyed because he still doesn't know what this man was talking about other than a missing person.
The man finally got up and walked over to the portrait and said "This child in the portrait is you. You are the long lost prince of this realm!"
Krasare was taken aback by this. Sure he had lost his memory, but was he really of royal blood? It just seemed to much for Krasare to believe.
The man continued "You can now take your rightful place as ruler of the South Western region, my lord!" and he bowed to Krasare. When the man picked himself up he resumed his earlier rant. "There's so much to do. The public must be made aware, the royal chambers need to be prepared..." Krasare cut him off at this point finally composing himself again and said "But what if I have no desire to take the throne?"
Krasare was not given to be in one place for too long. A king must be with his countrymen at all times unless on business. There were many responsibilities that came with kingship that Krasare truly wanted no part of and above all he didn't believe himself to be fit for a king. What most men wouldn't trade for the world Krasare would chose to give up.
The man stared at him again his jaw dropping even farther than before. Finally he answered Krasare's question with another rant "But you must be king. There can be no one else. No one is as kind hearted and caring as you. No one of your family is still alive. And you are a symbol to the people. It was, is, and will always be your birthright, whether you remember it or not. Please the people have always loved you and they need this. Without a king things will not last as peaceful as they are now. Even now there is strife brewing among the people over your long absence.
"Can you please give me a half hour to think this over? I believe it is still my choice after all." Krasare said with a sigh.
The man could do nothing but agree. After all Krasare is supposedly King. The man walked away, likely to prepare things for a new king.
But what could Krasare really do? He may not really owe the people anything, but at the same time he always felt obliged to help them. Would this really be the right thing to do for the people? Krasare wasted his half hour like it was nothing on thoughts of what would be best. He finally came to a decision. If the people really needed his help as a king and they accepted him as it then he had his own moral obligation to become king and rule this land.
When the little man finally returned asked the question "Will you do it?"
Krasare responded "I will, on one condition. I will be King if the public accepts me as such."
The man grabbed his and shook it fiercely saying "Yes! Yes! Of course they will accept you. Now come we need to get you fitted for your royal attire, King Dorn."
"Oh and two more things. One, drop the formalities and call me Krasare. Two, what is your name?" Krasare said as he was letting himself be dragged along this time.
The man laughed "That is just like you. My name Cerlan."
Krasare laughed as well. Even with memory loss I guess I don't change he thought. "A pleasure to meet you Cerlan" said Krasare.

(OOC 28 points to patience(will be 60) and 3 to memory(will be 28), 1577 words towards elemental blade which meets the requirement and has enough patience for it as well just need memory slots, and Krasare is trying to take the throne of South Western)

"Being King is a prison, a gilded prison, but a prison none the less."

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The First Seer
The First Seer

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PostSubject: Re: A Forgotten Crown   A Forgotten Crown EmptyTue May 05, 2015 8:02 pm

I have to say, I admire your dedication to your character, even when the site isn't that active. You can also forget spells and skills, rules for which can be found here, if you want to free up slots. 

Also, setting the 48 hour timer, after which you will become king. Anyone can interrupt this and reset the timer, but I doubt anyone will.

And, approving your requests.
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The First Seer
The First Seer

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PostSubject: Re: A Forgotten Crown   A Forgotten Crown EmptyThu May 07, 2015 9:19 pm

48 hours is up, congrats.

You are now king of the South West. Every friday, you will gain a 20 gold income per civilian of Midergern (and feel free to remind me if I forget). This gold is yours to do as you wish, but you may give it to civilians for completing tasks or missions for you. 

If you haven't already, I suggest you read the rules on kings and queens.
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A Forgotten Crown
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