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 Weapon, Shield, and Armor Rules

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PostSubject: Weapon, Shield, and Armor Rules   Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:57 pm

In combat, almost everyone will be using weapons, shield, and armor.  Swords and shields work similarly in some aspects, and in others the shield is more like armor. Each one of these has a name, description, weight, and price. Weapons and shield’s will also have an amount of stamina that is used when blocking or attacking.

Weapons will be labeled with a certain base damage. While this is important while taking weapons into account, the weapons “scaling” is also equally important. This is the part of the weapon that tells you how much more damage it will do when you increase a certain attribute. This scale involves A, B, C, and D. Each weapon will also have a scaling value for strength, agility, and precision, though for some, it may be 0. Each weapon will also have a minimum value requirement for each of these attributes.
“A” scaling means that for every point you put into the attribute, you will gain 4 damage on that weapon.
“B” scaling means that for every point you put into the attribute, 2 damage is gained.
“C” scaling renders 1 damage per attribute point.
“D” Scaling gives ½ damage per attribute point.
If the scaling is unlisted, or has N/A, or 0 next to it, this means that the weapon does not gain damage with the attribute.
Note that must bludgeoning weapons (think clubs) will do an increased amount of damage to shields and armor. This extra damage does not apply to the human; only their armor and shield take the bonus damage.
Every weapon will also have a certain amount of hit points, which can be damaged through blocking, or getting blocked. If you are blocking with a weapon, and successfully block an incoming attack, your weapon will take the full damage, instead of yourself. However, if someone blocks your attack with a weapon (not a shield), your own weapon will take 25% of the damage you deal to the other’s weapon.
Once a weapon drops to 75% of its maximum hit points, it will become damaged, and only do 75% of the damage it normally would. The same applied to 50%, and 25% for health and damage output. If your weapon drops to 0% health, it is destroyed, and can no longer be used at all. 
When blocking with a weapon, every weapon will have a "Block Penalty", which is a certain number that you subtract from your block roll. It is also important to note that when trying to block a ranged attack with a weapon, you will gain a severe penalty (listed on the ranged attack page).

When using a ranged weapon, such as a bow, you will have to buy ammunition. After you fire a shot, such as an arrow, it is gone forever. Each ammunition will be attached to the weapon that uses it. For each ranged weapon, there will also be a list of ranges. Within a certain range, the weapon has no penalty to attack roll, but within other, greater ranges, there will become increasing penalties to the attack roll.
Shield’s, like weapons, will be labeled with a base damage, if you chose to strike someone with a shield, and they will also have damage scaling (though most will be D).
Shield’s will block most incoming damage, for the most part. Every shield will have a “maximum block” value, meaning that if you block successfully, the shield will absorb up to that much damage, but if there is more incoming damage than the shield’s maximum, you take all the “overflow” damage (the total amount, minus the shield’s maximum). However, shields are more prone to breaking than weapons when blocking.
Every shield will have a certain amount of hit points, and every time it is attacked, its hit points will lower by that amount. Once a shield reaches 50% health, it will no longer block all the damage, but instead block 75% of the incoming damage (regardless of its max block amount), and you will still take overflow damage if the damage it receives is more than the max. Once a shield reaches 0% hit points, it is destroyed.
Armor works similarly to shield, but unlike shields, your armor is guaranteed to block an incoming attack. You cannot attack with armor an armor set; a gauntlet may be in the weapon category, as well as a bare-fist unarmed strike.
Every armor set will have a “full block” value, which means that it automatically absorbs this amount of damage from the incoming attack. However, after that value has been reached, then your armor will only block a portion of the incoming attack.
For example, an armor set may have a 50 “full block” value, and a 10% damage reduction. If an incoming attack has 100 damage behind it, your armor will automatically take 50 of that damage (the full block), and then it will take another 5 damage. This is because after the full block, only 50 damage is left incoming, thus blocking 10% gives that the armor blocks 5 damage. In total, your armor has taken 55 of the damage, leaving you to take the remaining 45, out of the initial 100.

However, just like everything else, armor does not have infinite durability. Every piece of armor has a certain amount of hit points, and the damage it takes reduces those hit points. Unlike shields, however, each piece of armor does not get destroyed at the same rate. Each armor set will have 4 damage reduction values. The first of these is for when your armor is at 100% health. The next value says the new damage reduction for when your armor reaches 75% health. Next is when it reaches 50% health, and the final value is for armor with 25% or less health. Just like everything else, when your armor reaches 0% health, it has been destroyed, and can do no more.
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Weapon, Shield, and Armor Rules
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